Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage reaches the deeper layers of muscle tissue by using slow, firm pressure. Treatments are tailored to you and your comfort level, and they don’t need to be painful! I can use a mixture of Deep Tissue techniques along with Holistic Massage to suit your requirements on the day, and focus on specific areas as needed.

This type of massage can help alleviate pain, tension and restricted mobility. It is very beneficial for treating chronic tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Your first appointment with me will allow time for a consultation where we can discuss your general wellbeing and what you would like to achieve from the treatments. I work holistically, and will take into account any other factors which may be contributing. This will allow us to put a treatment plan together, and can include stretches and aftercare advice to use in between treatments.


1 hour treatment : £60

Discounted rate of £55 when booking 4 treatments, redeemable at the last appointment

To make a booking or enquiry, please Get In Touch