Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is grounded in Swedish massage techniques, but rather than follow a set routine, treatments consider your wellbeing as a whole, and are adapted to provide the most suitable treatment for you as an individual. The therapist is guided by intuition, working with the body with the aim of bringing it back into balance.

Holistic massage can be beneficial for many different concerns. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce any pain, tension, or holding patterns that are being held in the body as a result. Having massage treatments during times of stress or transition can be a huge support both physically and emotionally.

Massage can also help with a diverse range of physical conditions. It can help with common discomforts caused by repetitive posture, such as lower back ache and tense shoulders. As well as being relaxing, treatments can focus on specific areas of pain or restricted mobility, incorporating deep tissue and neuro-muscular techniques.

The initial appointment with me will allow time for a consultation where we can discuss your general wellbeing and decide on a treatment plan to take forward. I can give aftercare advice for you to use between treatments, including stretches and relaxation techniques.



1 hour treatment : £60

Discounted rate of £55 when booking 4 treatments, redeemable at the last appointment

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