Massage for mental health

Mental health problems can come along at any stage in life, and most of us will experience them to some degree at some point. This could be after a traumatic event, life stresses, a time of transition, or sometimes with no obvious reason.

The approach to mental health often includes the concept of a separation between the mind and the body. Mental health conditions can come with many physical symptoms, which in turn can amplify anxiety and depression. One of the most common physical symptoms is the body becoming guarded and tense. Massage can help lessen tension that is being held in the body from stress. This can help release emotions that are being held in the body, and encourage the process of letting go. It can help alleviate pain, headaches, improve sleep quality, and aid digestion. Massage lowers heart rate, releases endorphins, and lowers adrenaline and cortisol. When the nervous system is relaxed, you can respond to problems with more clarity.

Massage aims to bring balance. If you are depressed, it can help you to feel uplifted, helping with fatigue, and low energy levels. If you are anxious, it can be calming, and ease common anxiety symptoms such as a tight chest and shallow breathing. Anxiety can often leave you feeling a sense of disconnection and being ‘spaced out’. Massage can be grounding and help you feel connected to your body and surroundings.  It helps to bring your mind into the present moment, giving it some space from racing and negative thoughts.

Massage is not meant as a substitute for talking therapies, but can be used alongside psychotherapy, counselling and advice from your GP as an addition to your care routine.

During your first appointment we will have time for a consultation to discuss your health and general wellbeing, and decide on a treatment plan to take forward. I can also include aftercare advice for you to use between treatments, including breathing techniques, meditation and muscle relaxation practices.


1 hour treatment : £60

Discounted rate of £55 when booking 4 treatments, redeemable at the last appointment

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